Le Sueur-Henderson High School

Le Sueur-Henderson High School…where every student's success matters.

LSH Vision Statement

We envision a school that promotes a culture where student needs drive our purpose, instruction, and philosophy.

We will prepare our students for the future through a curriculum that is rigorous and relevant to increase achievement.

As a staff, we will ensure that student anonymity is banished to create a climate of belonging, school pride, and student participation.

We will create a safe and positive environment where parents and community members are welcomed and involved.

Students and staff alike will take responsibility for the learning and relationships that will lead to these desired results.

LeSueur-Henderson Middle School

The LeSueur-Henderson Middle School in partnership with the community is dedicated to fostering a safe and healthy environment for successful learning that promotes positive citizenship and lifelong learning based on the unique social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of young adolescents.

We believe Middle Level students need:
1. A safe, healthy, and respectful atmosphere.
2. A curriculum and instructional methods that are varied and provide experiential learning.
3. Educators that are trained to meet their developmental needs.
4. An adult for support, guidance, and advocacy.
5. Opportunities for problem solving and higher level thinking.
6. The opportunity to learn as fast as they can or as slow as they must.
7. Service learning opportunities.
8. An environment that allows them to start becoming an adult, yet safe to still be a child.

Minnesota New Country School

Minnesota New Country School is a grades 6-12 Public Charter School since 1994, located at 210 Main Street in Henderson, MN. MNCS is a Project Based School with the following core values: Choice, Passion for Learning, Responsibility, and Relationship. Phone - 507-248-3353

Park Elementary

a PreK - third grade site for all our district's lower elementary children

Ziebarth Learning Center

706 Turril Street
The Ziebarth Learning Center is home to the Community Education Office, Alternative School (Grades 10-12), Early Childhood Family Education (EFCE), and the Adult Basic Education Office.

GED/ESL and Diploma classes held here two days a week.
Tuesday and Thursdays, mornings and evenings.

Independent School District 2397

Independent School District 2397 includes the following schools;

- Hilltop Elementary
- Park elementary
- LSH Middle School
- LSH High School
- Ziebarth ALC

Hilltop Elementary

a STEM school site for all our district's fourth and fifth graders beginning in 2012-2013 school year.

Ney Nature Center

The Ney Nature Center exists to conserve, manage, and protect the Ney Wildlife Preserve and inspire generations to learn and experience nature through observation and education.

The Ney Nature Center (NNC) is a Le Sueur County Park located on the bluffs of the Minnesota River near Henderson, MN. The NNC is open to the public for hiking, bird watching, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities. It also serves as a regional teaching station for NNC programs, local school groups and community education. A program calendar can be found on our website.

St. Anne's Catholic School

Where Faith and Education Build Futures.

St. Anne's is an accredited k-5 elementary school. We offer religious education on top of a well - rounded general education experience. While a Catholic School, we accept all beliefs and offer a Christian Education to all. St. Anne's is also offering the newest ideas in technology and has a Spanish class as well.